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About Us

Vision & Mission Statement

At the core of our business is the development of people and their environment through sustainable agriculture, with a strictly-controlled production process that culminates in an
Excellent and Exclusive tailor-made product!


We grow coffee with love, respecting our people and the environment, thereby adhering the principles of sustainability and accountability.


We plant, we grow, we harvest, we roast using readily-available and well-developed skills of our people in order to bring your delightful and unique coffee to you!


We invite you to create your own coffee!

Kontchs Coffee Values



KONTCH’s E & E GmbH assures an Excellent & Exclusive product, quality-controlled to the highest standards and tailor-made for the customer; a delightful coffee, uniquely planted, grown, harvested, roasted and supplied.


We offer fair and ethical working conditions, utilises and supports the highly-developed skills of local people to help stabilize the local/regional populations and their environment. We support local child education, and facilitate access to basic health insurance for our employees and their immediate families


KONTCH’s Coffee is a pure, naturally-enhanced product, resulting from the established know-how of local people and thereby sustainable natural agriculture.


We operate chemical-free agriculture. All packaging materials used are environmentally-friendly, so they can be composted, re-purposed or recycled. All of our ingredients products meet the strict criteria for sustainable agriculture.


We don’t grow with monoculture. We grow a mixed plantation to enhances quality and generate sustainability for both people and soil balance.


We offer our customers a unique opportunity to create their own coffee blend based on various greencoffee beans from our farms. If desired, extra flavour can be added with our organic fruit or spice extracts.


KONTCH’s E & E GmbH partner with the Elisabeth & Kontchou, a non-profit organization forvthe development and well-being of its employees and immediate family, as well as support forvsocial programmes in the neighbouring areas (schools and health care).
These include:

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    Providing access to clean water.
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    Supporting special courses for children with learning difficulties.
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    Educational funding for all employees’ children up to 16 years old; the funds are from an allocated budget, and are given based on merit. There is also a ‘best in class’ award fund for neighbouring schools.
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    Facilitating access to basic health insurance for KONTCH’s E & E GmbH employees and their immediate families (spouses and children).

Want to learn more about us?

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