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Special Edition

Get a direct purchase of our limited editions: Gentleman 2019, Sweet Mother 2019, Bright Lady 2019 each composed of 3 different assortments of our coffees

Wyterschwiler Kaffee (500g)

49.60 CHF

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Cameroon and Switzerland meet in Witterswil!

This product is a unique result of the love of nature and the passion for getting the best out of it, shared between Cameroon and Swiss farmers. Cameroon coffee enriched with a unique flavour of Witterswil’ s cherries picked in the summer of 2019.

Enjoy the distinctive taste of thisonce in a life unique coffee created specially to celebrate the product launch of KONTCH’s E & E GmbH company in Switzerland.

The WyterschwilerKaffee 2019 can also be bought in the local shop (Dorf Laden) in Witterswil.



Cold Brew

Kalita Wave


Clever Dripper





Platinum / Platinum / Diamond
2017 / 2018 / 2015
Mbouda / Lelem / Bamenda/ Lelem& Bamenda
± 1200m / 744m / ± 1800m