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Special Edition

Get a direct purchase of our limited editions: Gentleman 2019, Sweet Mother 2019, Bright Lady 2019 each composed of 3 different assortments of our coffees

Valentine 2020 (2x250g)

76.40 CHF

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This limited edition celebrates love You & Me 😊It is made to be enjoyed after a romantic diner or on those beautiful morning with your dearest one.

This lover pack made with our Diamond selected coffee is composed of following:

One pack of a subtle mixture of Arabica and Robusta (65 / 35) dark roast which makes a delicious combination of natural coffee flavour and strength, however with additional organic ginger and pepper heat from our preparation.

One pack of pure Arabica with ahint of energizing mixture of organic lemon and pineapple extract which gives you a delightful taste to start your day.

Enjoy 😊



Cold Brew

Kalita Wave


Clever Dripper





91 / 92
2017 / 2018 & 2018
Mbouda / Lelem& Bamenda
± 1200m / 744m &± 1800m