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Advent 2020 (1’200g)

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This product results from our passion for permanent innovation from the farm work to your coffee cup.
Discover this once in a lifetime set of coffees made with KONTCH’s Art grown beans, carefully selected from our farms in Northwest Cameroon (± 1800 m high); Western Cameroonian’s highlands called Grass-fields (± 1400 m high) and from the Mbos volcanic plain (± 700 m high). The beans have been harvested between 2016 to 2019.
The roasting and mixture arts are made to provide you with a daily unforgettable & exclusive taste.



Cold Brew

Kalita Wave


Clever Dripper





83 to 91
Light / Medium / Dark
Platinum / Platinum / Diamond
Fruits / Spices
2016 to 2019
Bamenda / Lelem / Mbouda
± 1800 m / ± 700 m / ± 1200 m