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Coffee Culture

We plant, grow, harvest, dry and store your delighted unique coffee!

Within our farms we grow various species of both Arabica Coffee, known for its natural flavour, and Robusta Coffee, known for its strength. We are taking each location as they are, with their advantages and natural habitats, which translates to authentic flavours. We also generate subtle combination of both coffee species

Our coffee farms treat our employees fairly, respect our environment and allow traceability of our products.

By giving special attention to our coffee plants all over the year, we are targeting to bring you every year a treasured Millesimal Coffee. We want to offer “Excellent & Exclusive” Coffee.

It is important for us that our coffee farms respect our employees, respect the environment and respects our customers. This is only possible by applying a sustainable farming.

With regards to the coffee beans, continual improvement is our motto.

Since my first years of biology study at University, I am fascinated with extraction of flavours. My first experience with the extraction of chlorophyll from leaves is still imprinted in my memory like one of the most pleasant experience.

This passion for flavours followed with other hobbies such as cooking, where I constantly search for unusual and extraordinary taste. I now want to share those delightful experiences.

Nature offers large ranges of ingredient! Those natural ingredients can generate delightful taste. KONTCH’s E & E uses biology expertise to combine those flavours and create Unique tailor-made coffee.

Our focus is to combine fruits and spices found in both our country of origin, Cameroon, and our country of adoption, Switzerland.

Our flavours originate from Organic fruits and spices grown on our farms and villages.

Following seasonal availability of flavours is key in our philosophy. The goal is to create a sustainable environment and allow our customer to trace back our products. Our products are picked at their full maturity and processed in our facilities in a meticulous watering process in order to harvest the full potential of nuances.

We hope you will enjoy these surprizing organic flavoured coffee 😊

Personalized coffee. Coffee roasting is the key components for a good coffee. We are aware that a good coffee is a subjective. We therefore aim for an excellent and exclusive coffee experience. Each customer is unique and we, therefore, will create its own coffee. “Not just a coffee, it is your coffee!”. Each customer must be able to identify the coffee as “It is my coffee”.

With our, once in a live product, special edition and with limited quantities we want to help you discover new taste flavours. Our roaster team is here for you. Share us your wishes, select your Coffee Beans, mix them as you wish and Create your own coffee. You are unique and remain as such.

Combined with our coffee business, number of social projects are initiated and funded partially by our business as responsible company. Besides the continual development and well-being of our people, we want to give to the children from our surrounding an equal chance for education.

  • Support the development and well-being of KONTCHs E &E employees, their direct family and their surroundings.
    •  Access to safe drinking water (District and Village)
    • Create sustainable working environment with fair salary and continuous development of opportunities
    • Facilitate access to basic health care / insurance for KONTCH’s E & E GmbH employees and their family (Spouse & children)
    • Organization of courses for children with learning difficulties (Quartier and Village)
    • Allocate educational funding based on merit for children’s up to 16 years old from the District and the village (In respect with the allocated budget).
  • Funding of the social activities is ensured:
    • Through part of the turn-over from KONTCH’s E & E GmbH coffee business
    • Through benefits generated by the various vegetables and fruits from agricultural activities of KONTCH’s E & E GmbH and its employees.
    • Through donations and partnering